Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Projects

Finally designed a cover for Caligari that I like. Simple, yet mysterious. Hopefully scary.

In a completely different direction, I've been doing some other visual art. This time it's my cosmetology mannequin that's gotten the business end of it. And she wasn't used for her intended styling purpose. Observe:

The original factory paint (and yes, an unfortunate haircut ... that part's about to get worse)

Face pain removed (sharpie doesn't come off with acetone, so the bindi and name stays)

Primary repaint including eyes and skin tone (and there's that mental patient haircut. chop chop!)

Where I ended for the day. More detailing on the eye, some lip color, and a bit of shading on the skin. I'll put on some fake eyelashes and do more detailing once the paint dries. I think this is a good first attempt at oil painting. People told me it would be hard, but I found it really enjoyable. 

My goal is something like this. Obviously, I'm not going to get the same realistic look because I'm using the world's ugliest mannequin. In terms of paint quality, anyway, this is what I'm shooting for. Once Tussauds has another job opening, I want to be READY.

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