Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shahrukh Khan: The Book

I love me some Shahrukh Khan. Don't ever believe that I don't. Please watch these videos for evidence:

 Really dancing on a moving train.

 One of the most romantic songs.

... and let's go ahead and get that shirt off.

So you see? Good stuff. Now you love him too.

Naturally, I was excited when I found a biography about this actor; why not combine two things I love: SRK and reading. But oh dear, Anupama Chopra's book read like an English 101 assignment. Yes, the information was interesting (and she got it through interviews with the actual people involved, including Khan himself), but Lord Almighty, with all the background history on every single thing, I felt like the book was never going to end.

For example (paraphrased):
"Shahrukh went to the train station. Here's the history of that train station from when it was built in the 1880's till today..."
"Shahrukh was almost cast in 'This Movie', but So and So got the part instead. Here is a detailed synopsis of 'This Movie' and the history of the actor So and So. So and So was also in this other famous movie, and here is its synopsis."

As a writer I couldn't get over her over-usage of the "Be" verb and her adverb usage. I kept mentally red-marking the text as I read.
And because she had taken so many good notes from her interviews and research, the book read as though she had used every single piece of information, whether or not that piece fit.

So thanks, Ms Chopra, for the effort, but the book was a miss.
Here's another video.