So, do you write romances?
I'm a girl, so apparently, romances are all I'm interested in. Not true. Not only have I never read a "bodice-ripper", I'm pretty sure I've never written one, either. How is romance not a part of everyone's life? Either you've been married, or you're single and looking -- even for people who aren't married and not in a relationship and think men are evil have some reason for it, some botched affair in the past. It's all part of romance, and those parts are in my stories.

variation: So, do you write children's books?
I can't ever figure out if people mean "you're so kind and sensitive that you must be writing kids' books" or "kids books are so easy, that must be what you're aiming for." Either way, no. I'm going for full-on novels for adult people (not romances).

What do you write?
Mysteries, mostly, but I don't think this satisfies people. Maybe I should say "romance" from now on.

Are you prepared to live in the poorhouse?
No. I'm prepared to keep my day job, though. I've heard from reliable sources (i.e. published authors), that it's not really possible to live off your writing until you've got a good 4 or 5 under your belt. Even then, being an author (other than J.K. Rowling) isn't going to make anyone rich. I like to tell my boss this to make her feel better about me not quitting in the next few years.
EDIT: Now that I've changed careers from Office Drone to Hairdresser, I can see myself working in some swanky salon whether I need the money or not. So no. No living in the poorhouse.

Can I be in it?
This is a tricky question because whether I tell you or not, you might already be in my novel (unless you're a stranger who stumbled on my site). I get my inspiration from reality, but I also merge people together. The "mom" character might have a little of my mom in her, and she also might have a little of my boss or a neighbor. Everyone has flaws, especially interesting characters. I'm reluctant to say, "yeah, Suzie, you can be in the novel," because then Suzie reads about herself and finally realizes I hate the way she chews gum, and I've got an awkward relationship with her afterward.

variation: Will you write my life story/my idea?
Dammit, Jim, I'm a novelist, not a ghostwriter.

Have you been published?
Where do you get your ideas?
My ideas come from weird places sometimes. One might be from a dream (cleaned up, obviously, so it isn't weird), another maybe from the expression an actor made. A lot of "what if" questions are asked. "What if the wax figures came to life like in that horror movie, but instead of being murderous, they were normal people who have no idea what's going on?"

Non-Writing Questions:

When are you having children?

Where are you from?
Memphis, TN. And no, I'm not interested in moving back. No, I don't really miss it. No, I never went to Graceland. No, Memphis is not very interesting.

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