Tuesday, June 24, 2014

9/11 Museum "Cross"

I came across this picture in my Facebook feed today. Instead of saying something there (where my Bible-Belt friends and family will likely see me as being argumentative), I've decided to take it here.

First of all, I like to do a Google search to find out if this is actually a thing or not. I searched 9/11 Museum Cross. Turns out, it's a thing. Atheists are trying to get the "cross" removed because it offends them.

Full disclosure: yes, I'm a Christian.

So let's look at what this actually is: it's a piece of the original twin towers that was found in the rubble. Just like pictures in the clouds, some people found meaning in its shape.

The cross, by nature, is an extremely simple symbol, unlike the Star of David
or the Om
or a crescent and star.

All easily recognizable, but more complicated than this:

My entire point is this: if workers intentionally sawed the artifact to look like a cross in order to be a comforting symbol for Christians, the Atheists would have something to yell about.

But if this is a part of the old building, just a random formation that looks a little like something else, then yes, this belongs in the museum. Everybody chill out.

I'd love to hear other opinions about this, for or against. Please leave your comments.


  1. People will find symbolism in anything. Whether its a potato chip shaped like Brad Pitt or the Madonna's face in a grilled cheese sandwich; symbolism is abundant and ever changing much like the waves on a beach. Our minds try to organize the disorder that surrounds us.
    The other problem is that we enjoy getting our panties in an uproar plus the internet makes it much easier to knot up everyone else's knickers also.
    In short it is what it is and nothing more.