Saturday, September 1, 2012


We'll just start where my thoughts have been pooling the past few days:
Granted, most of you have already read about this and I'm much too late to say anything relevant. (Don't we all have personal issues that prevent us from getting on with fun stuff?)

As something of an artist myself, I would think that if I attempted a job like this, especially on a painting I loved, I would make sure I had the skills to complete it -- and if not, to know when to stop  the minute I realized I'd effed the em-effer up. Apparently, the amateur restorationist in question started with the tunic and continued upward. It just ... hurts my heart to look at this, but like the freaking train wreck that it is, I can't stop going, "why? how -- it doesn't even look like -- I can't -- HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??" And look at the scroll that's now at the bottom ... it wasn't even on the original!

Something good has come out of this. The tourism this painting is generating is boosting the economy in the small Spanish town where it's located. Some people think the painting should be kept as it is for this reason. There's a video of Mr. Bean "fixing" a painting in that article.

And for a hilarious look at what "Ecce Mono" might tweet about, follow @FrescoJesus


I've been working on my own artistic project recently, and here it is:

The only thing I have to do now is finish the damned novel this cover goes on. Otherwise, it's useless.

Writing could be going better, but as the previously mentioned personal drama suggests, I've hit a tiny creativity snag. Or maybe I've been over-saturating my brain with this story and I desperately need a break.

What do you all do when you've hit a wall, creatively speaking? Do you focus on a different hobby or go for a walk? I especially enjoyed making this cover -- maybe because I was still on the same project, but in a totally different way.

Any comments or critiques on the cover are much appreciated. And if you'd like to "restore" it with a monkey face (a'la the botched fresco above), please send me a .jpg.

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