Monday, April 23, 2012

Not Writing

Inspired by Amanda Hocking's Things I've Done Today That Weren't Writing, here's a list of things from today keeping me from doing what I do:

  • Inventory at work
  • Chatting with hubby about moving and awesome apartment ads.
  • Waiting 15 minutes to connect to the N train.
  • Buying Chips Ahoy! cookies and having the clerk ask if I was having a chocolate chip cookie party tonight. Answer: no - went to work on my day off, therefore, they're all mine. He was satisfied with the answer.
  • Watching the forced comedy of a recent Simpson's episode. Why do I do this to myself?
  • Joined a new forum
  • Watched some video clips on YouTube
  • Heated up some tempura chicken from Trader Joe's
  • Wasted time on various social media (which leads me here).
I had a great run of editing yesterday after work, and I was looking forward to doing it again today. However, counting some 1000+ hair products turned my brain to jelly, and I can't get in the groove. I did buy another proof copy of The Silent Treatment after making some adjustments to the last one I received. Probably not going to change anything else, regardless, because I can't afford to keep buying proofs. I think it's for sale on, though, but won't distribute to Amazon until the proof is approved. Will let you know, as I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats. I've had to price it much more expensively than I wanted to because the commission from Amazon is pretty low. So for now, I'm offering a 30% discount, which brings the price down to a reasonable $11.20.

So before I waste any more time, I'll go read, rest up for a long day of work tomorrow, and then go apartment viewing the day after that.

Please tell me: what did you do today?

1 comment:

  1. What did I do? Let's see, I wrote a blog post. I took a practice CLEP test. I drove to Portland. I wasted time on social media. ;)

    But there's still time left in the day. I will finish my word quota! :)