Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Facebook and Diversity

I know a lot of people from many different backgrounds. I grew up in Memphis, TN, in the "Bible Belt." I married a guy from India and his family is Muslim. I live in New York City where all my friends are hairdressers and/or gay. I love all these people.

But what do a bunch of southern Christians, Ismaili Muslims, and gay hairdressers have in common?

They're all on my Facebook page!

So my timeline looks a lot like this:

Alexander McQueen Bumsters

I can't.

I feel a few different ways. I agree with some of my friends and family and I disagree with some of them (some a lot!). My other facebook friends who would see what I like and what I comment on would take loads of offense at some of the above stuff. So how does one go about making sure everyone's happy? You can't. You just post a picture of a kitty cat, avoid too many allusions to religion and sex and try not to break into a cold sweat when your mom and your dad's girlfriend comment on the same post.


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