Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've had some dreams since I was a kid. Have a pony. Be a ballerina. Be the mom so I can be the one who yells and says "No".

I've grown out of most of those things (the pony would still be nice). Here are some things that aren't necessarily resolutions for 2013, but goals for the next 10 years, for sure. They are all physically possible, and with enough research and determination (and maybe money), I can make them happen.

In no particular order:

1. Be Traditionally Published
I know it's got its pros and cons, but I still want it. My books at brick-and-mortar bookstores (provided they still exist in a few years), movie options, etc. There's so much validation in this one thing -- so much potential of being the "next big thing"...

I've already become part of the Indie publishing community with The Silent Treatment. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities that I have now that weren't available even 5 years ago. I'm confident that even if I stay with Indie publishing and never get picked up by one of the "Big Six", by dream of being a writer will still be realized. I still want the "Big Six" though. (For those of you who don't know, the big six publishers are: Hachette, Harper Collins, Macmillan, Penguin, Random House, and Simon and Schuster.)

2. Cuddle a Tiger
It's right up there with buying a cheetah. Maybe this is a stupid idea, but no one in the world is going to change my mind, especially when I see photos of other people doing it.

As I've already posted, I would like to buy a cheetah -- and I still would! But realistically speaking, buying a cheetah requires a lot of space (they run fast), a lot of food (about 6 pounds per day), and the initial cost is horribly expensive ($15,000 - $20,000 just for the animal, not to mention the permit to house one). And shoot. My housecat has scratched me up just because she's being rambunctious -- what's a cat the size of a great dane gonna do when it gets frisky?

3. Become Carolyn Keene
We all know she's not a real person (come on, she's been writing for ninety years?), so I want in on this. Nancy Drew is what got me started reading like a voracious maniac in the first place. It's only right that I contribute. Plus, how cool would that be? (Realizing this dream can count towards the "traditionally published" one since Nancy Drew is owned by Simon and Schuster.)
The person in the first chapter who "seems too friendly" did it.
4. Be an Artist at Madame Tussauds
Maybe this sounds weird to some people, but having a hand at creating the figures at Madame Tussauds has been a dream of mine for about half my life now. It's got sculpture and painting and wigs and costumes and celebrities ... My family all knows how much I'll beg to go to the museum any time there's one in town. Now I live near one, so guess where all my money goes?
What's not to love?

5. Learn Bellydancing
I've already wanted to be a ballerina, but let's face it: you've got to start that when you're a wee kid or you're just never gonna be limber enough. Plus, I don't want to dance for a living, I just want to be able to bust it out at the work Christmas party when everyone's loopy. Plus, the costuming is awesome.

6. Live in Europe
Europe is so beautiful, and the lifestyle over there seems more laid back than here. Of course, maybe I'm just looking at a bunch of beautiful photography and coming up with my own ideas. However, after having lived in Germany for a month, I can say it's at least somewhat accurate (although I know you can't gather that much info in a month).

One of these dreams is currently "In the works" and I can't wait to hammer out the details so I can tell everyone. So come on, 2013 -- let's try not to suck!


  1. Re: cuddle a tiger. Provided you're willing also to be "eaten" by a tiger, I think it sounds fun too :-). I hope all your "resolutions" come true. I guess I need to make my own soon. *puts on thinking cap*

  2. Some interesting dreams! Maybe they will come true. I love tigers, too. They are so cute! I could teach you a bit of bellydancing. Good luck with The Silent Treatment and your other works. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions!