Friday, February 10, 2012

Girl Detective

Nancy Drew taught me that reading didn't have to be boring and stupid. When you're homeschooled and all reading becomes "required," it's easy to want to do anything else.

Nancy was cool, though. She had a boyfriend (which my parents didn't like), investigated behind the police's backs, and saw all kinds of trouble (which my parents told me would give a real person serious mental problems). Regardless, I became hooked on The Nancy Drew Files -- it was the coolest of all the series.

Though I didn't grow up to be a detective (it was a runner-up), I kept reading and eventually writing about them

My current favorite "adult Nancy Drew" is the Sophie Katz series by Kyra Davis. Luckily for me, she's posting a chapter of her newest novel on her blog every week until the official release date. For reasons the author herself can fill you in on, this latest book will be indie (like me!), which is very exciting. You should all check it out. I even reviewed Sex, Murder, and a Double Latte on my previous blog.

Similar to Nancy, Sophie has a boyfriend (but a much cooler one ... I mean, I know Nancy's was invented in the 20s, but Ned? No longer sexy), goes behind the police's backs, and sees a lot of trouble. But there's also sex and language (sorry, mom) that makes the stories much more interesting.

I guess the reason I've preferred amateur detectives to professional ones is that they give me the hope that one day it could be me. I don't want to work for the police or be a reporter or any of that. But what if I get a client in my chair and she blabs a little too much about "that chick who got stabbed" ...? I'd put things together, ask the wrong person questions, and because I carry my shears and razor with me everywhere, they'd turn into the perfect weapons when I get kidnapped for knowing too much.

Yeah, not likely, but still.

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  1. never heard about the book, but quite want to read it now. :)