Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Music Muse

I'll admit, I got the idea to post on this subject from my friend.

The muse is a funny thing. Songs have different moods, different personalities, much like the stories I write. Sometimes I'll assign each character his or her own artist or genre, which helps me to focus while I write and helps me stay "in the mood" at other times.

Some of my favorites for my current project:

Regina Spektor has some wonderful songs - the perfect "voice" for one of my characters.

Wolfsheim sings in English and German (but mostly in English).

At times, the English language gets in the way when I'm trying to focus on the proper wording for a scene, so I'll turn to foreign language music instead of instrumentals. The voices help me stay "in character." The world is huge, and pop music is everywhere.

Creepy clown aside, this guy's got a smooth, beautiful voice.
Other Germans who have lovely voices:
Laith Al-Deen
Annett Louisan
and Xavier Naidoo (although I have no idea what's up with this video)

Bollywood ranges from dance to sad and weepy. It's such a good resource.

And last, but not least, my favorite: Turkish music. Maybe it's just Tarkan's gorgeous face.

I'll be updating new and old favorites on the music page at the top of the screen every now and then.

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